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 Rita Holanda loves to use various raw materials, including the golden grass (capim dourado), galuchat (stingray leather) and Brazilian stones. Throughout her career she has created numerous collections: Art Deco, Eyes of Miro, Fireworks, etc. Casting metals, sawing, welding, alloying, allows Rita not only to design but to produce her own creations. She studied modern jewelry in Sao Paulo and classic jewelry at the CEJI School (European Center of Integral Jewelry). 


Golden Grass - Capim Dourado


The "Capim Dourado" is a grass of a golden colour which only exists in one part of the world: Jalapão, a northern region of Brazil. 

The skilled hands of the inhabitants of Jalapão saw its threads one by one converting them in handicrafts of great beauty used for decoration, apparel and jewellery. To avoid the disappearance of the golden grass, the Brazilian authorities have set strict rules for its annual harvest, forbidding its commercialization as raw material. 

Considering the skills of the craftsmen, each item becomes a true natural jewel.

Stingray Leather / Galuchat


The word "galuchat" comes from the first Western craftsman who mastered the difficult technique of working with stingray leather. In the XVIIIthcentury, Jean-Claude Galluchat was one of king Louis XV's craftsmen and became famous for using galuchat on the most unusual items: trunks, suitcases, sword handles, etc. 

In the 1930s and in the 1980s galuchat became fashionable again in the luxury industry.

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